Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mmmmm...peanut butter

Today my little man Geno found the peanut butter, grabbed a spoon, and was eating this wonderful creamy and yummy treat all on his own. Now granted, he is eating it right out of the jar, but being the eternal optimist, I said to myself, "He is finally using utensils!" Here every time I give him an eating utensil, he looks at it like it is a foreign object, unsure what to do with it. Little did I know, if he is bound and determined to eat it, he will find a way for the spoon to work for him.

When I finally caught him in the act, he was so afraid I was going to take away his most coveted possession, that he almost started to panic. However, when I showed him I was just going to take some pictures, and not going to take it away, he relaxed.

In these pictures, it is as if he is amazed by this creamy, yummy concoction that I spread on his toast every morning. He never knew it would taste so good straight out of the jar. I think he could definitely be a great candidate for a peanut butter commercial. Jif, Peter Pan, Skippy go ahead and call me and make your best offer. This kid is gold!

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