Monday, February 2, 2009

The American Dream

Last night Nick had the strangest dream. In his dream, they were checking out different offices for work, but everyone was dressed as Star Wars characters. Mostly Darth Vader and storm troopers however. He said to himself, "I have my chewbaca costume in the car. Maybe I'll wear it."

For lunch, they were driving along a strip mall, and stopped at Quizmo's. As they were standing in line, someone told him to get the pizza. When it was his turn, he stated, "I'll have the pizza?" They asked him, "Do you want the special?" Nick said yes, so they handed him a bucket of coke and gave him the dough for a make your own deep dish pizza. As he sauntered up to the condiments bar, he said, "So I can put as many toppings on as I like?" which they retorted with "yes."

Nick was so excited about this, until he saw the little person guarding the condiment bar. He states out loud, "Sure, you say you can put as many toppings on, but he is here to police it." They state that he is there to make sure that the black olives do not get mixed up with the green ones. Nick woke himself up saying, "Mmmmm." He then woke me up with hysterical laughter.

Much can be made out of this short series of events. Nick believes that the people in Star Wars costumes were symbolic of how crazy Americans can be especially in regards to events such as the Super Bowl. The strip mall, quizmos, and bucket of soda symbolizes America's tackiness and the whole "Super Size Me" mentality. And lastly, Nick is really missing Green Mill deep dish pizza.

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