Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Geno's School Conference

Geno had his first school conference tonight and it went great. She told me that he has adjusted amazingly well. He does some parallel play with other children, but that is what they expect as far as socialization at this age/stage. His favorite activity is art. In fact, if they allowed him, he would sit and color all day.

She stated that he is always happy and tries to communicate his needs either non-verbally or with "his" language. He is not afraid to come up to any one of the teachers if he needs something. He does however need a little help with his gross motor skills and his speech. I explained to her that we have an audiologist appointment set for March 4th at 11:00 am and then will see a speech pathologist.

She showed me the hedgehog that Geno created (with help from the teachers of course) and he did a great job gluing the pieces in their proper place.

I plan to buy some peg puzzles and work with Geno on recognizing colors, shapes, numbers, and words. It seems like March 4th will never come. Until then, I will just keep doing everything I can to help him. Overall, he is happy and loves to go to school.

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