Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update on Geno's School Progress

Geno has done amazingly well this week at school. Yesterday when I dropped him off, he didn't cry six blocks away, he didn't say Mommy home, he didn't seem to be upset at all. He was still a little shy and clingy, but no crying. I hold this new security he has at school accountable to one person. That being his teacher Marianne. He has definitely taken a liking to her and for that I am happy. Today when I brought him to school it was another success story. At first he was acting shy and clingy until he saw Marianne. He then ran to her and said Mommy home with a big smile. She apologized to me and I said for what? This is great. I waved bye bye to Geno and he waved back and continued to play with Marianne.

The picture in this post is of Geno playing at home last night. He loves to play with his little figurines and can do so for hours. Here is a photo of him proudly displaying his figurines by the tv.

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