Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Geno Going to School

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Geno has started school, this being week three and he is loving it. Every day he says, "Geno school, Cari (Coretta) school, Daddy work, and Mommy home. School is cool. Toy cars. I okay." When I drop him off now, he gives me a big hug and then goes off to play. It is a great feeling to know that while he is away from home, he is having a good time. He is really coming out of his shell and is learning knew words and stringing new sentences together as well.

He still continues to have school as well as 2 hour speech therapy sessions on Tuesdays which makes for a long day without a nap, but well worth it. I am supposed to work on cutting things with a knife and scissors this week. Again fine motor skills and speech are symbiotic. His therapist continually tells me how clever he is and today stated that he really has a mathematical mind. Now I know he gets that from his Dad!!
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