Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coretta's Field Trip to Ballenberg

Coretta had her first field trip of the year where they
went to Ballenberg, Switzerland which was
approximately a 2 hour bus ride. Ballenberg has more
than one hundred century-old buildings from all over
Switzerland, 250 farmyard animals, traditional,
old-time gardens and fields, demonstrations of local crafts
and many special events create a vivid
impression of rural life in days gone by.

Coretta had the opportunity to see many animals such as
chickens, cows, and horses, as well as several old style
buildings. She was able to see how and what utensils
they used to make food, to build a shelter, make clothes,
and witness first hand what rural Switzerland was all
about many many years ago.

She had the opportunity to make some tea that she was
able to bring home with her. The tea is called
Good Luck Tea and has a variety of different tea
leaves amongst it's ingredients. Coretta's B Drink
as it was called consisted of Blackberry leaves,
strawberry leaves, and raspberry leaves
and a special secret something.

She had a great time with her friends and teacher
exploring Switzerland's past.

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