Friday, September 4, 2009


It has been a while since I have updated the blog on our beloved cockapoo Charlie. Charlie is doing well here in Switzerland and loves the mountain air and all the lovely smells in the forest.

He loves going for long walks where he occasionally meets other dog friends and cows whom he can socialize with. He likes to have his belly rubbed in affirmation of his presence and loves to cuddle with you under the covers.

He likes to play ball and jump up on Geno in excitement and topple him to the floor. He loves the hunt of trying to get any table food that falls to the floor and always eats Geno's leftovers of peanut butter toast.

He likes to take several morning and afternoon naps even when he has done nothing else in the day. He loves to hide under the bed with Daddy's stinky socks and chew on them endlessly.

Although he misses Grandpa Tom and Jack, he loves it here in Switzerland where a dog can be free--free to roam the mountainside, free to accompany us to dinner, and free to come on all buses and trains without the need for a service vest.

Life is good here in Switzerland, you should really come and check it out!
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