Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Geno and School

Recently I received these wonderful pictures of Geno hard at work at the Beehive International Preschool in Hunenberg. Geno has come a long way in his language proficiency and confidence since starting school at the Beehive last year, and I give partial credit to the loving teachers that were patient, kind, and clearly love what they do. It is great to know that when my child is dropped off at school, that he is well taken care of. He is intellectually stimulated, nurtured, and challenged in all areas of development such as psycho motor, social, and emotional skills that will assure he is ready for kindergarten. Geno loves to go to school and has formed a special attachment to both Nadine and Marianne who make him feel special every day. Some of the activities Geno likes to do at school is play with the toy cars, leggos, animal figurines as well as draw and make art. Marianne has been focusing a lot on the fine motor skill development with the older playgroup children, and it is evident at home. They match colors, practice counting, learn about manners, and how to treat one another. They always have a particular unit of inquiry that focuses around a theme. This last month was expressing and dealing with emotions.

It is also clear from the pictures that Geno is not afraid to express his feminine side while he strolls through the school with his baby carriage and red hat. Grandma Marilyn would agree that he looks like a member of the Red Hats Society.

Geno also loves building things with the blocks, singing, and story time. He is definitely turning in to a well adjusted toddler who loves life, loves school, and loves people. This week, they are going on their first field trip of the year. They will be going for a walk in the Hunenberg ruins. I have volunteered to help chaperon this event and look forward to spending time with Geno and the other children and teachers.

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