Friday, September 4, 2009

Coretta's Field Week

This year the fourth grade will be travelling to Haut-Lac Centre. The centre overlooks the picturesque Swiss village of Les Sciernes in the heart of the Swiss Pre-Alps in the french region of Switzerland.

The field week is centered around their unit of study which is Switzerland: landscape, life, and lore. The guides from the centre will provide further research and will integrate their unit of study throughout the week. The fourth graders will have the opportunity to further research the landforms of Switzerland by visiting a glacier, rivers, and a gorge walk. They will also get to visit the Gruyere Cheese Factory as well as tour the Cailler Chocolate Factory which are both nearby. For more information on Coretta's 5 day trip, you can visit the following websites: Haut Lac Centre and Swiss Field Trip.

Last year her field week was only three days, so she is excited to have 5 full days and nights with her classmates and teachers. More photos to come from Coretta when she returns. She will be gone September 21-25th.

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