Friday, June 19, 2009

Swiss Drivers License

In order to drive in Switzerland, after one year, you must apply for a Swiss driver's license. What you need to do in order to get one, is show your B permit, fill out some paper work (that is written in German), take a photo, and must show your United States driver's license. This is important to get within the allotted time, because if you don't, you must take the test that is all in German. Not only that, but don't get your United States license renewed prior to applying for your Swiss license. Why, you might ask? Because in Switzerland, you are not allowed to drive a car until you are 21. If you renew your driver's license prior, it looks like you just received your license, and they will not issue you one.

First thing on our agenda today was to go to the Photo Grau to get our eye exam completed. Now knowing that I do not speak very good German, I was a little bit apprehensive of the test. The test was actually fairly simple asking you what position various letter E's were facing in different sizes as well as deciphering a series of numbers.

Next, we were off to the motor vehicle place or the Swiss equivalent. Nick and I thought we had all the necessary documentation when we showed up at the motor vehicle office, to find out that we needed to present our B permit. Not only that, but in Nick's photo, his head was just a little cut off, and they made him take a new photo. All of this needed to be completed by 11:45 of course, because this is when the Swiss take their two hour lunch break and everything is closed. Amazingly enough, we drove home, got the B permits, drove back, and finished the process at exactly 12:45. Our new Swiss licenses will be here in no more than 12 days. Until then, we must carry a photo copy of the information.

Also this week, we needed to get new pictures for our B permit, so we took new immigration photos. These for the most part looked better than our last ones, but the last ones will always hold a special place in my heart. Above is a picture of our old versus our new. You decide which one you think looks better.

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