Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I would like to start by sending out a Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in my life. Being a Dad is a very important role in any child's life. That relationship helps form kids into who and what they will become (as do mothers of course).

I just read that President Obama wrote a letter to his daughters apologizing for the time and things he missed when he was on the campaign trail. He also stated how important the role of a father truly is. He stated that "it doesn't make you a man to produce children, but it makes you a man to help raise them." This is so very true. I have been blessed to have a wonderful husband and father in my life who always puts the needs of his family first. He takes time to spend quality time with each child each day such as reading to Geno every night before he goes to sleep and taking Coretta swimming. In fact, right this moment, on Father's Day, he has taken Coretta and one of her neighborhood friends Michael, to the swimming Lattich in Baar. Later tonight we plan to barbecue ribs, Nick's favorite, with fried potatoes and salad, and of course, black forest cake.

Although many say that Fathers Day was just created by Hallmark as a way to sell cards, I truly believe that fathers who actually are there, present in their children's lives on a daily basis, should be honored at least once a year for all the work they do. Many times it is a thankless job, but I couldn't do it without you Nick! I love you!

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