Saturday, June 27, 2009

Geno's School Conference

Yesterday I had Geno's end of the year conference. They stated that he has really come out of his shell and is using more and more words to express his feelings. They felt that he is at his age level in both gross and fine motor skills and emphasized that he liked more sedentary activities such as coloring, puzzles, drawing, and reading than physical ones. However, I have seen a change now when I drop him off because instead of doing a puzzle or coloring, he runs straight for the slide with the older boys.

They also stated that the only area of improvement (other than speech of course) is sharing toys with others. He tends to grab toys away from others, which can definitely be attributed to the age difference between Coretta and Geno. He pretty much has all of his toys to himself. They also stated that he is very happy at school and likes socializing with the other children. Next year, starting August 18th, Geno will have graduated to Play Group 2.

Great progress Geno! I am so happy to see you loving school and learning!

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