Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Geno

Geno's school for the year is quickly coming to a close. His teachers are very proud of his progress this year. They have really seen him come out of his shell. He is a very loving child and loves to give all of his teachers hugs and kisses. As soon as he gets into school, the first thing he wants to do is rough house with the older boys and play on the slide.

As for his speech therapy, we will be meeting with his speech therapist next Tuesday where she will let us know what steps we should take next. I am proud of his accomplishments in this area as well. He is beginning to string three word sentences such as "I want toe (toast), or I need Mowk (milk), or I need Daddy, I got owie, and I want jew (juice). He is actually even counting to three as well.

His favorite toys are leggos, his big wheel (which he can now pedal), his Winnie the Pooh train, and any small figurines (cows, dogs, dinosaurs) and his toy cars.

His favorite foods are peanut butter, grapes, apples, crackers, cheese, and spicy thai. This is my boy who is now two years and six months old.

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