Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Coretta school is coming to a close on June 25th. I know that many of you are thinking, "That seems really long" but when you consider all of the breaks she has, it really isn't. She has had a great year at the International School of Zug and will definitely miss her teacher Ms. Wunderlin.

She has learned all about rights and responsibilities, learned about caves, multiplcation, improved her writing and research skills, read several books from several different genres, learned how to speak German, and played the recorder. She has met people from several different countries with different cultural traditions and customs, and has continued her lessons in piano at the Hunenberg Music School with Miss Pauli. She has also become quite good at swimming being able to dive, do the backstroke, front stroke, and butterfly.

Next year she will be in the fourth grade. Since there are four sections of third graders, they asked each student to write down three people that they would like to have in their class next year. I like that they mix it up every year because they are able to meet new people.

I am very proud of Coretta's progress this year and her ambition to always do the extra credit homework assigned and to take her studies seriously. She is still growing into a beautiful young lady who tries to include others who also continues to show great leadership skills at home, in the neighborhood, and at school. As Coretta says, "I can't wait till next year! I'll be ten. You know that's double digits right Mom."

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It's wonderful seeing Coretta doing so well. Thanks to her great parents.