Sunday, June 7, 2009

Damage Control

The other day, I put Geno in his height chair and got ready to give him a hair cut. All was going well considering I am getting good at the bob and weave move. Muhammed Ali would be proud. Until, Geno kept fussing and I, being preoccupied on being fast, forgot that the protector was not on (since I was cleaning up his neck line) and all of a sudden he had a huge bald spot. Mortified, I quickly called Nick to let him know what happened. Thank God he likes to wear his fisherman hats. I'm thinking in a couple of weeks it will fill in nicely. With that said, no amount of kind words can assuage my mother's guilt.

On a lighter note, Geno has learned how to pedal his bike. Here is a video of him doing just that. Enjoy!

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