Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frohe Oster (Happy Easter)

Today was Oster (Easter in German) and we were awakened to the sound of the children searching for their Easter baskets. Coretta looked for 30 minutes before she finally found it. Geno's was more easily found. His was positioned on his blue chair.

Coretta received a lot of candy (of course), a pail, shovel, rake, and beach ball paddles. And the most important, an Easter hare. Geno received a Winnie the Pooh pail, shovel, watering can, lots and lots of candy, and an Easter lamb. When he first saw all of the candy, he jumped up and down in excitement. He especially loved the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy chocolate with pop rocks in them.

Once the kids had some chocolate, we decided to go for a walk to one of our favorite parks in Hunenberg located right by the old castle ruins. There is a cable swing, sand box, swings, and a slide. Even Charlie enjoyed some time off leash running through the forest.

After lunch, Coretta was invited to an Easter egg hunt by her friend Anna and had a great time. I believe she said she found 11 eggs.

Tonight we read the gospel in Coretta's bible that consisted of the chapter Carrying of the Cross, The Stone is Rolled Away, and Visitors of the Tomb and had a meal that consisted of rosemary chicken, potatoes, bread, and salad. Tomorrow we are off to see the Easter Bunny in Rapperswil where they have some 10,000 chocolate eggs and a petting zoo that also allows you to ride camels, elephants, and ponies.

This Easter weekend which started with Good Friday and lasts through Easter Monday has been a great family adventure. From hiking in the mountains, to playing at the park to the petting zoo tomorrow, it will definitely be memorable. Happy Easter to all of our friends and family wherever you may be celebrating. Our thoughts are with you!

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