Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coretta's Conference

Today Coretta had Spring conferences. These were in the format of student-led, and she did a great job. Mrs. Wunderlin, Coretta's teacher, had different stations set up for the students to share specific parts of the curriculum.

The first station Coretta took me to was the Energy Unit. She showed her brother and myself how to make a light bulb light up and shared with us the differences between conductors and electricity.

She then brought me to the station where she shared her art work lesson where she taught a kindergarten student how to make a dolphin portrait. She had to create the instructions and explain it to her student. It turned out great.

She then brought us to her Portfolio Station where she shared all the work she has done to date. She not only shared her poetry, math, writing, science, and art, she shared what she felt was her best work and why. She even created a crossword puzzle for me to complete that dealt with synonyms and homonyms.

We then went to the Target Station. Here we looked at what her target goals were in the beginning of the year and had to create new target goals for the future. She wants to consistently keep improving her German and her times tables.

The complete conference lasted an hour. We celebrated her accomplishments by eating pizza, one of Coretta's favorite foods. Great job Coretta. You make me so very proud to be your Mom.

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