Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Today we decided to go to the Hunenberg Badi, our second home these days. The weather said sun/showers, but we opted that the sunny part would be earlier than later. Every day when my son Geno wakes up, the first and last words out of his mouth are "Beach tomorrow?" He loves being able to swim, play with toys in the sand pit, and of course eat chicken nuggets and fries. Coretta, too, loves it as well and has recently been able to jump off the diving board tower at the first level.

Once there, the kids did there thing, while I sat in the sun reading my book. At lunch time we ordered our food, and found a picnic table. While we were sitting there, Geno all of a sudden let out a high pitched full blown scream followed by an even louder cry. The Swiss being more reserved in demeanor looked at me as if to say, "What is the matter?" wherein I realize that my son was being bitten by a wasp. As is the case with many older children, when something such as a horse fly, wasp, or bee sting you, your reaction is to swat it away. Geno hasn't developed that instinct yet, so when the wasp landed and put his stinger into his side, he just stood there. Stood there until I quickly swatted the bugger away. Not soon enough, however. His hole side began to turn red, and began to swell instantly. The damn wasp even broke the skin. Poor Geno. I said to him, "Should we go home and put some medicine on it?" and his response is "No, I want chicken and fries." Typical Geno. We did just that. We ate our chicken nuggets in pain and then decided to go home.

I posted some pictures of the diving board that Coretta can swim to and jump off as well.

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