Monday, August 10, 2009

New School Clothes for 4th Grade!!

August seems to always be that time of year where parents are busily trying to get their children outfitted for the new school year, throwing out clothes they have outgrown, and accessing the monetary damage that they will be forced to pay. This time of year is when I really start to miss Saint Thomas More Catholic School as well. This is the school that Coretta was attending in the States. My reason being that they had school uniforms. School uniforms takes the added time and stress out of the equation and makes it easy. What to wear each day is always the same. Although most kids I know that have to wear uniforms hate it and feel that it squashes their creativity and individuality, as a parent I found it wonderful.

I had already bought a few things in the States when I was back this summer, but she still needed some shirts. Today since I was in Zug, I decided that Coretta, Geno, and I might as well look at some stores and see what the new fall line would bring us. Sure enough Coretta found a lot of shirts that she liked at H and M, so I paid for them and crossed this off my list. Luckily she had been given several designer label jeans from the neighborhood girl that have recently outgrown her, so she had enough pants and sweaters.

All that is left are some leggings, dress shoes, and pair of stylish boots. Here are some pictures of her new clothes.
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