Monday, August 24, 2009

Coretta's Summer

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These are just some of her favorite things she did over the summer. First of all, if it is a sunny day, Coretta will pack up a bag that includes her bathing suit, book, goggles, beach towel and jump on her bike and ride down to the Hunenberg Badi. It is here where she can swim in a pool, in the lake, play on ropes, and even dive off of multiple diving boards and rafts. In fact, that is one of her big accomplishments this summer. Swimming out to the diving platform and jumping off. She can easily spend 5 or more hours here and not be bored a single second with or without friends.

Another favorite of hers is eating at New York Food and Company, especially their Marguerite pizza. It is located in Zug and is definitely a hot spot for teens and tweens while they are shopping. Did I say shopping? What almost ten year old girl doesn't like shopping? Her favorite stores are H and M, C and A, Benetton, and Claires.

She loves watching MTV and all of the music videos, singing karaoke through YouTube videos, writing and publishing stories on the computer, and creating music on garage band. She loves reading the Twighlight series, Horrible Science series, historical fiction about the Holocaust (wonder who she got that interest from), and books about horses.

She also enjoyed hiking along the Gunflint Trail with her relatives, canoeing, campfires, eating smores, and telling scary stories. She also had the opportunity to ride her first horse as well and absolutely loved it.

The last thing, is spending time with her friends in the neighborhood on her bike, Rollerblades, scooter, or skate skateboard. Spending hours thinking of a way to construct a fort with her friends,but not being able to come up with the materials or a person who has any building skills. Playing tag, monkey in the middle, playing at the playground, and laughing. Nothing like the summer to allow kids to be kids.

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