Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coretta's first day of 4th grade

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My baby girl started fourth grade today. It seems just like yesterday that I was walking her to preschool. Last night, she had a hard time falling asleep because she was anxious and excited about school. The typical things the night before that keep most kids up: Will the teacher like me? Will I find my classroom? Will I make friends? I told her that she had nothing to worry about. She is smart, funny, caring, considerate, and outgoing. She isn't a trouble maker, takes pride in her work, loves to learn. What teacher or kid wouldn't want to hang out with her. Luckily, three of her classmates are in her new class with Ms. Mathena.

She ended up waking up at 6:30 am because she couldn't sleep any longer. We had breakfast, talked, and I could tell that her anxiety was gone, and she was now just excited.

We walked her to the bus stop as a family and talked with the Schumann and Burkert kids. Geno wanted to get on the bus with her, but when we wouldn't let him, he waved and said, "Bye Cari" as the bus pulled away. I can't wait for her return and to hear all about her day. Coretta I love you!!

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