Sunday, December 21, 2008

Skating in Switzerland

Yesterday Coretta and I decided to take a bus and then a train into Zug to do some shopping and skating. In the main shopping area they have constructed an ice rink complete with music, lights, and Christmas decorations.

Once Coretta put her skates on, she was off. At first holding onto the sides, and then gradually to gliding without any assistance.

Even I laced up my skates and did dips, swans, twirls, skated backwards, and raced with other kids. Not too bad for a thirty something.

Coretta met a friend named Alvine who attends the Swiss school in Zug and is also nine years old. She was born in Africa and now lives in Zug. Her mother came from Cameroon Africa and her father is Dutch, but grew up in Germany. They had fun playing tag and skating together. I think in total Coretta skated non-stop for three hours. She plans to meet Alvine at the ice skating rink again tomorrow.

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