Monday, December 15, 2008

Coretta's Life

Coretta is doing very well at the International School of Zug and was the only person who received a perfect score on her final Math assessment for the trimester. The teacher called her up in front of the class and everyone clapped for her. She as well as her parents are very proud of her. Conferences will be held in January.

As for extra-curricular activities, she is in soccer and piano as of right now. We plan to sign her up for some ski lessons in January as well since that is a favorite hobby for people here. She is also enrolled in golf which starts in the spring.

Her school pictures have arrived and I have included the picture in this post. All relatives should be watching the mail for our Christmas card and Coretta's school photo.

The last photo is of the tea towel created for the third grade students. Every student and teacher drew a self portrait which was then transferred to this towel. Coretta's is on the bottom right. Pretty neat idea.

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