Monday, December 1, 2008

Mount Titlus

Although Mount Titlus has a name that feels strange to say especially in mixed company, it is a must see here in Switzerland. I believe the pictures really speak for themselves.

This Sunday Nick and his friend Bob jumped in the car around 11:00 am and drove for approximately an hour to this quaint mountain town.

The views were spectacular. There is something beyond words seeing the mountains here with your own eyes. It is clear however, that you may need to invest in some poles. Nick definitely needs to buy his own poles instead of consistently borrowing Bob's. He did ask for these specifically for Christmas, but doen't trust me to pick them out. How hard can it really be?

They hiked for a few hours, had lunch, and drove home. Needless to say, Nick was tired, sore, and after having a glass of wine or two, went to bed. The mountains here are so beautiful and breathtaking. Again, if nature is your thing, they are a definite must see!

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