Sunday, December 21, 2008

Geno's Second Birthday

Geno turns two years old tomorrow, and since Nick works, we decided to celebrate it on Sunday with everyone being home.

After lunch, Geno opened up his presents. He really didn't know what to do at first. He just stared at them and said "Ohhh!!"

Once Coretta showed him how to unwrap them, he had a blast taking the wrapping paper off to see what was inside. I just kept thinking, "I hope he doesn't decide to start opening the presents under the tree!"

After he opened up his presents which consisted of Mrs. Potato Head, Click its, remote control car, computer, and aqua doodle, we then decided to take a walk and hopefully go sledding.

Once we made it to the sledding hill, we noticed that all of the snow had melted, so we came home. Tonight we are going to McDonalds for supper. Other than Geno trying to steal another boy's happy meal, it went great!

Geno will get the Cheeseburger Happy Meal, a Madagascar toy, a balloon, and play in the play space. We then will come home and eat chocolate cake and teach him how to blow out his candles. Then, before you know it, another birthday will have passed and Geno will be a whole year older. Happy Birthday My Little Man!!

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