Thursday, December 18, 2008

Geno's Early Birthday Kitchen

Last night I decided to put Geno's kitchen set together for his birthday. I had to enlist Nick for help because at times I was not strong enough to click the pieces together. Nick also struggled until we brought out the hammer. Which got me thinking back to 1978 when I awoke the night before Christmas seeing my Dad putting together a kitchen set for me. When I questioned him, he said that Santa was having a lot of trouble assembling all the toys and asked MY dad to be his helper. I remember going to bed feeling so proud that Santa picked my Dad.

The next day, Nick bet me that by the end of the day Geno would be playing with it, and I have to admit he was right. When Geno dashed quickly into the den and saw it, he was very excited. I could not shut the door at that point and act like it didn't exist? He then started putting things into the pot and putting it on the stove that actually has sound effects that go Blop, Blop. He was fascinated by the toaster and how the toast flew out and slamming the doors closed. I even taped up empty boxes I had for rice and bisquick to add to his collection.

Here are some pictures of Geno with his stove. Look at his smile? Could you say to him, "You have to wait 4 more days!!" I sure couldn't.

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