Saturday, October 13, 2007

Watch out world, here he comes!

Ever since Geno began to crawl, he has been a very busy kid. Nothing is sacred, and nothing is safe or too far away for his reach. It seems that his favorite object of choice are my plant stands. He will army crawl at the speed of light to get to one and try to pull it down.

If I remove the plant stands, the next object of choice is definitely any type of cord or anything that resembles one, Geno does not discriminate, it could be a speaker cord, cords plugged into electrical plug-ins, shoelaces, Charlie's collar, sweatshirt strings, you name it. If it is long and resembles a cord, he will find a way to get to it.

The other day, I actually heard two large crashing noises while Geno was on all fours exploring his new frontier. The first one was when Geno pulled the gate down on top of himself and began to cry, and the second time was when he was in Coretta's room and pulled the barbie doll house down at which time he laughed. He is not completely aware of his brute strength, but when he does, watch out world, we are all in trouble.

As promised, I have captured some video of Geno crawling as well as his exploration of the English language. Enjoy!

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