Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gloob! Gloob!

For Coretta's class, they read a story by a Minnesota author that dealt with a giggle monster as the main character. Coretta then was expected to create a giggle monster herself that could be made only out of recyclable material.

It took about two weeks to create and Coretta had a blast doing it!! First, she used a pop carton to create the body. She then created a pattern with oil pastels on construction paper and stapled them onto the box. This became the skin.

Next, she used two toilet paper rolls and vitamin water caps to create these bulging, goofy looking eyes. One eye was colored blue, and the other colored black.

Her legs were made out of grocery bag handles and her bird-like feet were created with construction paper.

Upon her head, Coretta created hair out of crinkling construction paper and putting orange stickers on the end.

Lastly, what would a monster be without antennas!! Her antennas were made out of handles of grocery bags and stickers.

Here is a picture of her creation!!

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