Monday, October 1, 2007

Coretta is finally eight years old!

Coretta had an excellent birthday party! She invited ten of her closest friends for a day of rollerskating, video games, and more. Although many of the girls hadn't rollerskated before, by the end they were all doing great!

Around lunch time, they had cheese pizza, chips, pop, and cake. Without a doubt, this was the best birthday yet!

Coretta and I actually skated together and if I do say so myself I haven't last my touch. Nick on the other hand never dared to put the rollerskates on.

Following this party, Nick locked the keys in the car and thanks to the Woodbury Police Department's quick response, we were home for Coretta's family party.

Jack and Emilia came up Friday night and spent some quality time with Geno, Coretta, and Charlie. They spent time playing Candyland, chasing Charlie, exploring the back yard for insects, and watching the movie Robots. Here is a photo of Coretta, Emilia, and Jack!

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