Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Orange, yellow, brown, and red...

Today I volunteered to be a chaperon at Coretta's school. They took a field trip/walk down Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. Each group was given a specific social scientist and were asked to observe their environment to find things that social scientists may use in their research. Coretta and my group were anthropologists. We looked for representations of art, music, religion, food as well as buildings and things people did that looked fun. Afterwards, Geno and I joined Coretta in the school cafeteria for a corn dog hot lunch!

Once we got home, Coretta and Geno frolicked in the fallen leaves. Since this is Geno's first fall, he enjoyed crawling in the leaves, listening to the crunch they made, and wondering if they were food. Coretta being her eighth fall, already knew not to eat them, but always enjoys jumping in them and throwing them all around!

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