Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Geno and Mommy's Trip to the Open Air Museum in Ballenberg

Geno, Cameron, Brittany, and I decided to have a mountain adventure yesterday and travelled to the Ballenberg Open Air Museum in Hofstetten Switzerland. We left around 10 am and drove approximately on hour through beautiful countryside and mountains. Once there, we paid for our tickets and then decided to take the carriage ride down the path. The boys really enjoyed this a lot.

Once off the carriage, we walked around the grounds stopping to check out the old architecture, animals, pottery, and had the best alpine macaroni I have ever had. The kids enjoyed playing at the park on the grounds as well as seeing goats, donkeys, chickens, bunnies, cows, pigs, and roosters. Geno even jumped in the pig barn and started petting the pigs.

The Open Air Museum has several things for people to see including witnessing what life was like in 1500s to present day. You are able to watch them make handcrafts such as baking, Bobbin-lace making, chip-box making, chocolate production, embroidery, making cheese and many more.

It was a great day surrounded by mountains, friends, and beautiful scenery. Well worth the trip. Here's the link to the site: Ballenberg Museum

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