Monday, October 4, 2010

Coretta's Hollywood Birthday Sleepover

This past weekend, Coretta had her birthday party with six of her friends. It was a themed party where the guests were asked to dress like their favorite pop star, book character, or fairy tale. Her friends all came dressed in costume and it was quite fun. We had girls dressed up as a film director, Hannah Montanna, Katy Worhal from a book series, Princess Diana, Brittney Spears, and Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

When the guests all arrived, I had them write a persuasive speech telling everyone who they were dressed as and why they should be voted as the best costume. The girls jumped right into their characters and were very creative. Coretta's friend Daisy one the trophy and they seemed to think that was "cool."

We then played Pin the Lips on Miley Cyrus which was also fun. No one was able to place the lips in the right place and were spun 11 times (the age of Coretta). When Geno had his turn, he peeked through the blindfold and put his lips right on her boob. Doesn't surprise me. Thats my son. For better or for worse he seems to have a boob fetish. My question is whether he will grow out of it anytime soon or at all for that matter.

Each guest, including Coretta, and Geno took their turn walking the red carpet and posing for the paparazzi which was fun as well. From these photos I created a magazine covver with their photo from the computer and each girl received a white board/memo board with a photo of them all together at the party.

We then played musical chairs and freeze dance where the winners were given a choice in prizes ranging from books, pop star posters, and candy.

The girls ate pizza and tortellini and had chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. After dinner they decided to go out side. I made the mistake of saying Have fun "playing outside." Coretta quickly stated that "Mom we don't play, we hang out." Welcome to the start of the never ending teenage years. I can't believe she will be in middle school next year.

They then put their pajamas on and watched the 2004 movie called Sleepover and Nick made popcorn for them to share. The girls tried to stay up as late as they could, but unfortunately the first couple girls started to fall asleep at 10:30 pm with the rest falling asleep at 1:00 am.

Coretta said this was the best birthday yet and surprisingly enough Nick and I had a lot of fun too.

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