Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Come in Star Commander!

Geno latest fixation is on Toy Story movies. He loves all of the characters and can recite the lines word for word. His favorite character is Buzz Light Year who is a space ranger whose catchphrase is "to infinity and beyond." Buzz Light Year is given to a young kid as a present, and the other toys are worried that they will be replaced if the toy is more special. This makes the cowboy toy named Woody nervous and tries to make Buzz Light go away. The other side note is that all of the toys realize they are toys, except for Buzz Light Year who really thinks he is a space ranger.

Geno will walk around the house pretending that he, too, is a superhero like Buzz Light Year. Today I bought him some pajamas with Buzz Light Year and he couldn't wait to get them on. When we were at the store last week, he saw the life size action figure of Buzz Light Year and this has become a great reward to dangle in front of him to be good until his birthday.

School is going well for him at Children's World which is a montessori based preschool in a bilingual environment. He is well liked and has several friends. His teacher has told me that he understands everything said to him in German and it will be just a matter of time until he speaks German as well.

He is still in speech therapy, but the focus has shifted away from speech and more on his fine motor skills. He still has some difficulty in cutting and holding a pencil, but in time that will come around too.

Overall, he is just a well rounded, secure, physical three and a half year old boy.

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