Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Trip to Annecy France

Last week, the family and I went to Annecy France for the weekend. Annecy is supposed to be the "Venice" of France and it did bnot disappoint. It had the same quaintness and charm with the canals and bridges connecting the city together. The first day, was quite rainy, and in genuine Bieter style, no one brough an umbrella. We must have walked around the city for a good five hours and were soak and wet. A little rain wasn't going to get us down or dampen our mood. We spent time down by the lake, shopping, and taking in the architecture and beauty.

That night, we ate at the Novotel Cafe which was located in our hotel and we were pleasantly surprised. Coretta had the pesto penne that was delicious, Geno had his favorite German sausages, and Nick and I had the hamburger served with roasted tomatoes and cheese placed in the middle of what resembled the texture and appearance of a potato pancake. The thai curry chicken soup was good and the kids loved the dessert. While we waited for our food, Geno was able to go out in the lobby and play XBOX 360 with some friends he made at the hotel.The best thing about playing this video game was that the game they were featuring was from Toy Story 3 and featured Geno's new idol, Buzz Light Year.

The next day, we had breakfast in the cafe, and headed back into the old cobblestoned streets of the old town looking for the Chateau we read about. We found the chateau, but sadly they didn't open until 2 pm, so we opted to walk around some more and take pictures.

Although this wasn't the typical type of vacation we take, it was thoroughly enjoyable by all and must needed escape from reality. Below are some photos from our trip.

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