Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom and Bridge: Destination Salem Germany

While my Mom and Bridge were visiting, we decided to drive to Salem, Germany to visit Affenberg. When translated, this means Monkey Mountain, and that it is. This open air museum is home to over 200 barbary apes, storks, deer, amphibians, birds, and ducks. The neatest thing, is that you can actually get up close to a monkey, feed it popcorn provided, in their natural environment.

Although we were a little apprehensive at first of having poop thrown at us or being mauled by a monkey, nothing like that happened at all. As you enter the monkey enclosure, the apes are all waiting for you on the banisters, hoping to get some popcorn from you. Geno, Bridgette, Grandma, and myself found this to be a great experience.

The other fascinating animal we saw were the live storks. The actual size of a stork is pretty amazing, but their nests are even more spectacular.

Once finished, we then ate at the cafeteria there and allowed Geno time to play at the park.

After we toured the Monkey Zoo along the Bodensee, we made our way to Scaufhausen where we could see the largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls. Not knowing what to expect, we parked the car, and headed by foot to the Rhein Falls. Once there, it put the Niagra Falls to shame. It was an awe-inspiring view of three waterfalls making their way into one, with huge white caps and waves crashing into the rocks. Above the waterfalls, one has a great view of the Salem Castle. We also saw an old water mill that I have only seen on the Little House and the Prairie. As we walked around this area, we were pleasantly pleased with all of the flowers and natural beauty of the place. we then made it to a cafe where we watched the falls and enjoyed cappucino while Geno played at the park. Another great day with my sister and mother.

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