Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom and Bridge: Destination Konstanz Germany

While my sister and Mom were in Europe, I wanted to expose them to as many countries as I could, and did quite well by showing them Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. I chose Konstanz Germany for it's close proximity and heard that it was a beautiful university town. Once there, we parked the car at a mall, and did some shopping. Afterwards, we decided to make our way to the lake. What was supposed to be a ten minute walk, turned out to be two hours due to the language barrier and poor directions. Factor in that it is raining, and it was quite a sight.

We decided to stop for lunch at a quaint restaurant along the Rhine river where Bridgette and my Mom were able to sample their first German wiener schnitzel in a beautiful atmosphere. Once we finished our lunch, we opened our umbrellas and were on our adventure to find the lake or as they call it the Bodensee. One thing to remember in Germany, is that they have bike paths and walking paths, and you must make sure that you are on the right one. We found ourselves ironically on the bike path instead of the walking path, and with the rain, decided to not turn around. Leave it to one impatient German to yell at us in German which I replied with "Naa Naa" which he then retorted back to me. Quite comical actually.

Although we never made it to the Bodensee, we did make it to the old town of Konstanz, where we saw open markets selling cheese, sausage, and crafts, and toured a beautiful church befoire walking back to our car and driving back. They were good sports and didn't allow the rain to dampen their mood or adventure.

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