Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coretta turns 10 years old!

Yesterday was my lovely daughter Coretta's 1oth birthday. It was on this day then 10 years ago that she came into my world and forever changed my life for the better. I remember at the age of 26, looking in the mirror and trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I was going to be a mother. Nick was working at a gas station full time and going to law school at Hamline University in Saint Paul.

I, having one dreaded class left to complete to finish my degree, was waitressing. I remember thinking to myself that the first thing I needed to do was get my degree. From that day on, my life changed, and I being 9 months pregnant in August, was sitting in a non-air conditioned room at the University of Minnesota completing my last class in child psychology. I remember I was too big to fit in the desks at this time, so I had my own chair without the desk. Needless to say, I did get that degree and a year and a half after Coretta was born, I also had a teaching job.

I never thought that motherhood would change me in the ways it did, but I am grateful every day that I have had the privilege to be a Mom. Coretta, being my first child, and not knowing what I was doing, was an easy baby. I remember, however, that she had this special talent of always waiting until Daddy was holding her to puke (usually all the way down his back). I can't even count how many times while feeding her or burping her that she threw up on him. I remember Nick's face, when we could finally bring our little girl home, watching him feed her the bottle and listening to jazz music.

Coretta is as unique and dynamic as her name. That is why I chose it. I wanted my daughter to stand out from the crowd, be a strong individual who was grounded, opinionated, intelligent, with the ability to bring people together and always be a good friend. Without her even knowing this, she has completely and utterly lived up to this ideal more than I ever thought. I am so very proud of all of her accomplishments and the fact that she still makes time for family and realizes how special that bond truly is.

For her big tenth birthday, we took her to Europa Park early, but on her actual day, we had homemade lasagna, bread, and cake. She received many great presents from her Grandma Marilyn, and Grandma and Grandpa Earnest such as money, books, cards, and movies. From her Mom, Dad, and Geno she received clothes, Wii Singstar, earrings and a necklace.

Coretta on your birthday, as well as every day, I want you to know how truly special you are to your family, your friends, your teachers, and your community. I love you with all of my heart and as Mom and Dad have both said "Stop growing up!" because although we are equally happy and sad to see you grow up into your own person, it is hard to let go. Happy that you seem to be a well adjusted kid with morals and values, but sad because we know how hard the world can be: living on your own, the pressures of finding a career, your first heart break (and yes Coretta some day you will have on of these). This is why we would like to bottle up this moment and keep you this age forever. We love you my darling always and forever.
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