Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coretta's Fall Holiday

Coretta has just started her fall holiday and has a couple weeks off. This past weekend, the weather was rainy and cold, so we decided that the family would call this a mall day, so off we went. We started the day by eating at the Zugerland cafeteria, the kids favorite, and then we all split up to do some shopping. How did I get Nick to agree to this you may ask? I dangled a new International DVD player and a home theatre system in front of his nose, and he immediately said yes. Coretta ended up buying a few things from Claire's and two sweaters with the money given her from Grandma and Grandpa Earnest for her birthday. She, being the bargain shopper ended up leaving with 50 dollars left.

That Monday, Coretta and I decided to start this holiday with dropping Geno off at school, and heading into Zug for a little Starbucks, and a lot of shopping. Coretta was excited to spend the remainder of her fifty dollars that had been burning a hole in her pocket. After a lot of shopping, she bought a hat and Guitar Hero game system for the Wii. Here is a picture of her modeling her new hat, one of her sweaters and her new Wii game. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

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