Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Preparations Continue

So far, my Halloween Costume Party is at around 86 people, and needless to say I have been busy working on 36 treat bags for the kids as well as multiple decorations and party ideas. So far I have filled around 60 popcorn hands, created spooky faces on several pumpkins, created bats, witches, ghosts, creating pumpkin and monster rocks, murals, and even made monster candy trophies for the kids to be given out for scariest, most creative, cutest, most original, and best overall costume. I am getting a lit apprehensive of having that many people in my house, but hopefully I will be able to keep everything under control and still manage to enjoy myself. Planning the party has been a great time and allows me to put my creative skills to use. I decided to put my costume together and see how it looks, and I am pleasantly surprised. I have never worn fake eyelashes, but was amazed with how easy they were to apply. My vampiress costume will definitely be a hit. Here is a couple pictures before vampire teeth and with vampire teeth.

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