Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Day at the Beehive School

Today Geno's school had a family celebration. It started at 11:00 am and lasted until 2 pm. It was great to see all the families that showed up. They had face painting, fishing for presents set up for the kids as well as lots of food and snacks.

As soon as Geno came in, he had to find one of his teachers Nadine and give her a big hug as he ran into her arms. Considering that in December when he started, he was a shy, sad boy who didn't want to leave his Mom, this is amazing progress. Now when I ask him if he wants to go to school, he always says, "Yeah!" It is clear that it has become a second home to him. To all of the expats out there that want a loving, nurturing, and academic learning environment, this is the school to choose.

After this, Geno chose to sit at the table he always sits and colors at every morning. What can I say, he loves routine. He did, however, notice that there were chips and popcorn at the table instead of markers and paper. Being the snacker that he is, he loved this kind of change. Loved it so much, that when I wanted to see if he wanted to get his face painted, he would not leave the table unless the bowl of chips could come with him. The only true bribe that will always work are tempting him with chips, pretzels, and chocolate.

Coretta chose to have her face painted, however, and played with Geno and his new friend Josh, while I spent time in conversation with Josh's parents. Thanks to all the teachers for taking time out of their weekend to make this day so special. It was a lovely way to share a Saturday morning.

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