Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter in Switzerland

When we woke up this morning, we noticed these huge snowflakes coming down and could not believe our eyes. It was absolutely beautiful.
Coretta decided that she was going to ride her bike to Coop to pick up the ingredients she needed to make fairy cakes. When she returned, she said it was hard to pedal her bike and see with the snow coming down so hard on her face.

You see, snow is different here in Switzerland. It is fluffy and sticky and tends to melt very fast. Geno was fascinated watching the snowflakes come down from the sky. You could see his little brain working pondering what and how does this white stuff work?

Charlie and I decided that it would be a wonderful time to go out for a walk. Unlike most dogs, my Charlie loves the cold. He jumps through the snow banks, eats it, and is completely happy with this new found white stuff falling from the sky. We even made friends with a black poodle, and three white terriers also the way.

Nick and I went out for dinner at this very romantic and cute Italian restaurant in the old part of Zug tonight. We walked into Cham, took a train into Zug, and found the restaurant right down by the lake. It was candle lit and had the best Italian food and wine. The atmosphere, conversation, and food were absolutely perfect. My Nick is very good to me and I am very lucky to have him!!

Here are a few pictures I took this morning.

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