Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Market in Zurich

Today I jumped on the 9:35 am train to Horgen to meet Jennifer and Dorothy for our day in Zurich for the famous Christmas markets in Zurich.

We have been told that they have 150 wooden chalets selling anything from bath salts, cheese, sausages, puppets, scarves, sweaters, candy, mittens, hats, jewelry, and Christmas decorations.

They also decorate a Christmas tree with 5,000 swarovski crystals and it was on display in the middle of the market. It was a pretty amazing sight and think it would be even prettier at night. We also shopped in the city itself.

It was a great day and I especially thank Nick for taking the day off to watch Geno so that I could have some "girl" time.

He and Geno had some bonding time napping, playing blocks, reading, and watching the Colbert Report which Geno finds particularly funny.

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