Saturday, November 22, 2008

Erik's Visit to Switzerland

Things are going well here in Switzerland. We had our first visitor from the United States. Erik Shelton came to visit for ten days. While he was here, Nick took him up to Zugerberg to look at the view of the town of Zug which is pretty amazing.

Once done there, Nick gave him a tour around the old part of Zug known as the Aldstadt. Here is where you see the real history of the town from the landscape, architecture, ad the famous cobblestoned streets.

Next, Nick took Shelton to Mount Pilatus which is the highest peak in all of Europe. The tram on the way up is very steep. They then had to get into a funicular which is similar to cable car that takes you up the mountain.When they got there, it was sadly overcast and cloudy, so they decided to walk around a bit and grab some lunch. As they were eating, the sun slowly began to appear and it was clear with the clouds surrounding them.

Geno and Erik spent many days cuddled up on the red chair talking, reading books, and looking at pictures on the computer. Wherever Erik went, Geno went. It was hard for Geno to see him go.

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