Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Book Club in Zug

Tonight I went out to meet my book group around 6:30 pm. I first decided to take the bus into Cham and then the train into Zug. Once to Cham, I realized the next train was scheduled for 8 pm, which would make me a half hour late, so I decided to hop back on the bus to Hunenberg and take the car. Finally home, I punched the address into the navigation system and was on my way. Once to Zug, I decided to park in the Metalli and then walk in hopes of finding this place. Sadly, I had some trouble finding it even though I was in the vicinity. When I finally did discover it, I was a half hour late, they had already ordered food, and were sharing a bottle of wine.

I am definitely the novice of the group because I have never been in a book club before even though I am an avid reader. All four of the women have children in the middle school. I met Sue through Nick's work and she invited me. It was so refreshing to be with other like minded people and I enjoyed learning about their expat experiences. The women in our small group come from Minnesota, England, and California. Another has been an expat in both London and now Switzerland. Although we each come from diverse backgrounds, we share one common experience and that is living life with kids abroad. It was refreshing listening to them share their own stories and even received some tips on where to shop and go for date nights so Nick and I will not be stranded in Zurich without a plan again.

On my walk home, it was great to breathe in the air, window shop, and once again reflect on how lucky I am to be in this country.

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