Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Geno is almost 2 years old

Geno will be turning 2 on December 22nd and he is sure growing up fast. He loves to play with his blocks, color, and read.

He loves to play train with his sister and more importantly can do the chicken dance. What this consists of is someone saying, "Geno, do the chicken dance," and Geno jumping up and down in a dancing fashion. It is really cute.

He also has a new found love for opening the fridge and taking everything out of it and has been known to take a big bite out of a block of cheese and then put it back in the fridge. Every now and then I will find little bowls or spoons that he has placed in there as well. He also likes to run away from me in busy parking lots and try to open other people's car doors. I sure hope that this is not a hint of what is to come.

He enjoys anything technology--be it a remote control, Dad's blackberry, Coretta's IPod Touch, the computer, and our phone. If any of these are in reach, you can be assured that he is pushing buttons and even calling up strangers.

He has also learned how to growl at us which is a step up from the high pitched squeal which he still does. For instance, if you do something he doesn't approve of, or take something away from him, he will growl at you. He also knows how to say the words Choo Choo, Mow, and No.

He loves Winnie the Pooh and The Muppets and believes they are some of his closest companions. He likes to watch Sesame Street and break Mom's Christmas decorations.

This is Geno in a nutshell. Always curious, always moving, always loving.

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