Sunday, June 8, 2008

Valleyfair 2008

Coretta, Nick, Ryan, Erin, and I spent the day at Valleyfair yesterday. We were there for eight hours and truly had a great time. I have never seen Coretta so excited. We went on so many rides such as the Corkscrew, the monster, the white roller coaster, and spent time in the water park riding the waterslides. Although Ryan was hesitant to go on some of the rollercoasters, he did a great job overcoming his fears! It was the perfect day.

While we were busy chasing our rollercoasters, Grandpa Tom was home with Geno for eight hours alone!! The first thing he made sure that I did was put on a full pot of coffee. Amazingly enough Tom survived and even changed a diaper or two. They spent their day napping, playing drop the can, and being outside. Now that Geno can walk and does walk everywhere he is always into mischief!

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