Friday, June 13, 2008

Imania and Grandma's visit!

Imania came up to visit with us before she heads to New Mexico with Grandma for a month.

It was great to have her with us and gave Coretta time to hang out with her. They went shopping, watched movies, played on the computer, and spent time at Barnes -n- Nobles.

It was great to see Grandma Marilyn having time to bond with all of her grandchildren. It is hard for her living so far away from them. As beautiful as Las Cruces is, it is clear that her grandbabies are most important. Grandma Marilyn bought Coretta a couple of outfits, a puppet, and a bracelet from Mexico and Geno received a couple of outfits and a drum. Grandma was amazed with how well Geno can walk since last time she was here, he could only do the army crawl.

I will really miss our family while we are living in Switzerland, but they have promised to come out and visit. I am holding them to it!

Here are some pictures of the family together!

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