Monday, June 2, 2008

18 month old Geno

Geno is almost 18 months and is walking most of the time now. Some of his favorite things to do are to bang on anything in his way and "pretend" drink out of bottles and pop cans. He also enjoys playing with pencils, pens, littlest pet shop toys, and polly pockets. He even has his first crush on Julie, Coretta's American Girl, given to her by Auntie Heidi. He loves to play with his big sister Coretta and loves to listen to her play the piano. Most times, he even joins in. He loves to be outside and play or even sit there taking in the sights, smells, and sounds. Coretta loves to bring him down the slides at the park and he loves to swing.

Geno is still a work in progress when it comes to his table etiquette, but when we are in a jam, and we have no other choice, we go to eat and definitely suffer the consequences. I make sure to order his food as an appetizer. Then we must be on our A game. First, he may be content just holding the crayons, but most time he throws them either to the floor or to the booth sitting right next to us. He then, may or may not continue to do the same thing with his food and has been known to hit people with a chicken nugget when they least expect it. People always tell me that I am going to have my hands full. Complete strangers. Nick and I have learned to take this behavior in stride and not become too embarrassed, knowing that this is just another phase he will some day grow out of. One of us discreetly exits the restaurant with onlookers staring at our son in full fledged tantrum form and sits in the car until the rest of the party is finished.

This is Geno Robert my son. He is an adventurer, a spit-fire, a comedian, full of life, a happy independent child, and for that we love him!

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