Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot, Sticky Weather

Today was another beautiful, sunny day in the 80's, so Coretta, Geno, and I decided to have some back yard fun by swimming and jumping through the sprinklers.

Now my dog Charlie would have none of this, and sat cowering in the corner hoping that he would not get wet and waiting for me to let him in the house. As pathetic as that is, it is to be expected with Charlie. But when Geno seemed apprehensive about it as well, I knew I had to help him overcome the fear. I first put him in the pool and he screamed bloody murder until we went in together. Even then, he needed to be very close, hugging me to feel comfortable.

I, then thought that the sprinkler might be a better option and since we haven't had much rain, the grass could use it too. I first ran through the sprinkler, then Coretta, and Geno watched us with curiosity. About the third or fourth round of Coretta and I running through it, Geno started laughing uncontrollably. At this time I decided to run through the sprinkler with him in my arms to see if he would like it. He at first kept holding his breath, but after that LOVED it. You can tell by the expression in his face in the picture above.

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