Monday, May 12, 2008

Our first flight to Europe!!

We are finally back from our visit to Switzerland. I must say that our flight was an interesting one. It is such great people watching!! One man on the plane decided to take each and every thing out of his carry on and proceed to put them in the up top storage compartment. The man to our direct right, has decided that thai chi is definitely appropriate to administer in the middle of the row and when it is time to take a nap, he grabs a sleeping bag from the above head storage compartment, positions it on his seat, tucks his feet under the seat directly in front of him kneeling on the ground with his head down on the sleeping bag. When he does finally wake up, the remainder of the time he dangles a wooden treadle from a string in quiet meditation. Although this is strange, it is even more peculiar that it is clear that we are waiting for him to be seated in order for our plane to take flight.

Lets there was a seven hour plane ride where you feel like you are being packaged into the smallest space possible, and to even inhale might be hard to do without disturbing the person beside you. These guys in our row noticed that Nick was definitely in need of the aisle seat and switched spots with him. Very cool!!

Then on the international flight, it seems they are afraid that you may not get enough food. It seems that they spend more time feeding you and serving drinks, that your ability to sleep is close to impossible. Considering we took the red eye flight, this was a painful start to out four day trip. Ever try eating on an international flight with the space they give you? That in itself can be an interesting conflict that very few people have perfected.

The last part of our flight was from Amsterdam to Zurich which went very smoothly. Once we landed, we were picked up by our driver and driven to Zug, Switzerland. Once we checked into the Park Hotel in Zug, many obstacles came our way. Not only are we suffering from jet lag, but we have one hour before our first appointment with our housing representative and following that dinner.

In a frenzied hurry, Nick and I get into our room to discover that we have no idea how to turn the lights on. Nick then went down to the front desk to find out that we must insert our room key into a slot on the wall that will automatically turn them on. How efficient! I can't believe we were so ignorant! Finally, mission accomplished!

Later on, we decided that taking a swim and sauna might be nice, so I asked at the front desk where the swimming pool might be. He states that when we are ready to go swimming that we should come down in regular clothes and carry our swimming suit, bath robe, and slippers with us because the pool is down the street. When we get there, we would need to buzz the hotel and they would let us in. Overall, the mishaps were very laughable.

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